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I rmeove mugshot images Florida, June 23rd 2016
RE: I Personally Guarantee Your Mugshot Removal
From: Joe Harvey

Dear Friend,

You deserve the right to be forgotten and the right to privacy no matter what you did to land yourself in front of a Mugshot camera. We live in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and I strongly believe that everyone deserves a second chance and the right to NOT be judged by your past problems. I am offering you a clean slate online and will work hard for you to have your mugshots and arrest data out of public view. 

Let our service help you, we are here to share our vast knowledge of the nasty mugshot publishing industry. We know that you are worried about hiring someone to help you and you may have issues trusting an "Internet Company" BUT... By the time you reach the bottom of the page if you are not convinced that we can and will help you, I invite you to call me directly to talk. I have personally helped hundreds of people just like you over the past few years. I am not some uptight slick talking sales guy or snobby business owner, I am just like you! I have a family, children, bills, a car, a home, and a life. I am available to talk to you anytime... Just call and ask to speak with someone about mugshot removal. If you decide not to hire us to help, maybe we can offer you some free advice on Do It Yourself Mugshot Removal . Scroll through this whole page and see what we are about...


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Mugshots: The Last Picture You Want Anyone Finding Online!

Mugshots being published online and in print is nothing new, sheriff offices in counties in every state all over the country have been publishing mugshots for several years. The almost decade old mugshot publishing industry is a money making scheme for websites that simply take your mug shot image, name, charge, and then publish it on their "official looking" search engine friendly supercharged site. These websites usually rank very well on Google, so when an internet user searches your name they will find this secondary website and your mugshot right on the top of the list. These websites then hope you will rush to pay them to have it removed from their site. Warning: Never pay them! They will just put the mugshot back online on other sites to get you to pay them over and over again. List of mugshot &scam sites we help with: Mugshots





We Remove Mugshots Permanently For You

With dozens of mugshot removal websites and internet attorneys offering to remove mugshots online, it is hard to decide who to hire to help you with this embarrassing issue. Rest assured, our service has helped hundreds of clients remove mugshots and thousands of others remove offensive materiel from the internet. Attorneys hire us! That's right we know attorneys/lawyers that charge thousands of dollars to their clients and then hire us at a fraction of the price to remove the images for them. YOU came to the source and that is a smart move on your part, you will save hundreds of dollars by using our service Vs. an online or local attorney. 


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After hiring us your mugshot images will start disappearing from search engines and image results. Repair your online reputation with our service.

Your mugshot could go Viral! Acting fast is important when it comes to removing mugshots, there are dozens of copycat websites online that take your mugshot and add it to their site in an effort to build their web content. We have seen one person end up being featured on over 140 websites before. When your images goes Viral it is very difficult to have all instances removed quickly. Act now! We need to start our process right away because it already takes a few weeks for search engines and hosting sites to react to our service. Depending on where your mugshot is listed and how, it may take 1 week to remove or 6 weeks to remove all traces of your images an name. We can give you an estimated time frame, contact us for a consultation anytime.


Our Service Is 100% Guaranteed
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We Remove Future Appearances Of The Mugshot in Question - Insurance!


Scary To Think About.... 

You may be thinking to yourself....Do I really want to invest the money to have these images and records of me removed from the internet and Google? Well, do you like people seeing them now and in the future? Having negative information like this online about your name can have a negative impact on many aspects of your life and your families life. Will it affect your current or future relationship? Will your children or grandchildren see these images and records? What about your career? Employers? Neighbors, friends, co-workers, your children's friends. The list can go on forever, but this information about you can stop spreading now. Call us anytime to talk about how we can help you.



“I Didn't Expect This...”
"One poor decision and lapse of good judgment caused me to be charged (found not guilty) for DWI - DUI in Florida. My mugshot from my arrest was all over the internet and was seen by a lot of people. helped a lot!!"
- Mel. F., FLorida USA
“I feel so relieved now...”

"After 3 years of battling and banging my head against the wall, I finally hired someone to help... RMS took care of all the images online for me. They really do what they say. Go with them!"
                                                   - J. Marc, USA


No matter how many mugshot sites you are featured on or how many different mugshots you have online, we can help you. In some cases a mugshot image can go viral and in that case a reputation management campaign may be needed to gain control of the first 3 pages of Google search for your name. We do just that! We can displace/bury images and criminal records on Google search for you. We can actually remove, displace, bury, and hide almost any type of negative information about you online.

Frequently Asked Questions... 

Q: How Much Does It Cost To Remove My Mugshot From The Internet?
A: Prices vary depending on exactly how many images/sites. The Average Is $499.

Q: How long does it take to remove my mugshot from sites and Google?
A: It all depends on where the images/record is, it can 3 days or 3 weeks in some cases. We can estimate a time frame before you order just contact us!

Q: Can you remove my mugshot from a Gov. or State/County website?
A: No and if someone claims they can they are a scam and are lying to you. Only mugshot websites like the ones that show up high on Google search.

Q: Why can't I just pay the mugshot site to remove the image?
A: Read the horror stories on Google about this. Once you pay them they will literally put your mugshot on dozens of other sites they secretly own and try to get you to pay thousands of dollars to remove them - they run a digital extortion business. Beware of paying them no matter what they say.

Q: What if you can't get a site to delete my image and info?
A: We always have a plan b. - If a site will not remove your information from their database we will start a campaign to hide the mugshot online. 99% of people find your arrest records on Google. We can focus our efforts on displacing the links that point to your criminal records and image. We would basically bury or hide your mugshot image so people would not find it on Google! This is included in your order, so either way you will get results with our service..

Q: How do you remove my arrest records/mugshots from the internet?
A: Without handing you our entire business plan we can tell you that we have been in the "content removal" business since 2007 and have built relationships with hosting companies, attorneys, website admins, and more. We use our connections and past relationships to expedite removal. In some cases we negotiate removal, force removal, go over site owners heads straight to hosts, and use technical methods to displace/remove the images. The end results is your image and records on these sites will be gone and/or out of public view.

Q: Are you affiliate with these mugshot sites?
A: NO! Not in anyway shape or form. We have contacted them many times in an effort to have them remove our clients details and we have a lot of Intel on how they operate and where! But NO we are not affiliated with them in any way.

Q: Do you guarantee your service will work.
A: Our service is backed by a 60 day money back guarantee - you can read more about our guarantee on this page (Below).

Q: Do you guarantee your service will work.
A: Our service is backed by a 60 day money back guarantee - you can read more about our guarantee on this page (Below).

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept all major Credit Cards, Paypal, Electronic Checks, and Bank Wire. Or you can mail us a M/O if needed.

Q: Can I call and speak with you before and after I sign-up?
A: YES! We encourage new and existing clients to call us anytime. Click Here For contact information.




Why should I hire

We never fail and our experience keeps our clients safe from future extortion attempts by the shoddy sites that republish mugshots after payment. We monitor your name online for any future issues and protect you. We guarantee we will handle any future instances of your record showing back up online. We not only remove images we can get rid of other negative mentions or news about your name pertaining to arrest records. We know how to deal with this situation, even if the sites you are listed on have a "no removal" policy, we have ways around that. We also guarantee our service to work for your situation. If we think we can not help you we will not accept your payment.


100% No-Questions Asked, 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Removing one mugshot or multiple mugshots from the internet takes time. In some cases it can take 4-6 weeks to complete all of the search and destroy techniques we use. Give us 60 Days too prove our service works and if you do not see results within 60 days we will refund the service fee 100%! NO RISK GUARANTEE


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YES! - I understand that if it doesn't work, I am completely protected by your 60-days money back guarantee, so there's zero risk on my part.

Have your credit card or Paypal account handy and click the orange "Add To Cart" button below to star the mugshot removal process. After payment we will email you a link to our New Client Information Form, this is where you will supply us with the details about what you want removed. Call us after making payment to expedite this process!



Interested in moving forward with us?

Our sign-up process is simple and we will stay in touch with you VIA email or phone with updates and you can call us toll free anytime to check-up on progress. After making payment you will receive and email to a link or asking for specific information. The information we collect from you after payment include your name, your contact details, URL/Link Pointing To The Mugshot(s) or Arrest Record(s) you want vanished. After we have this information we will investigate the links and sites where you are featured and take action to start the removal process. If additional information is needed you ill get an email from your dedicated account manager. 

Time Sensitive Service Warning

Not to try and rush you to sign-up with us, but this is the truth... The longer your mugshots and arrest records stay online, the harder it will be to get rid of them. Once your records and images are published on a mugshot website, other mugshot websites will copy the information on to their site and your image will spread. Having your arrest records go Viral will increase the cost of removal. Dealing with 1 or 2 sites and Google images is something we do everyday for clients. Dealing with a dozen sites, social media, image searches that all feature your image on separate sites can become very resource intensive and take a long time to correct. Take action as soon as you can and we will work as fast as possible to get your records removed.


100% No-Questions Asked, 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Removing one mugshot or multiple mugshots from the internet takes time. In some cases it can take 4-6 weeks to complete all of the search and destroy techniques we use. Give us 60 Days too prove our service works and if you do not see results within 60 days we will refund the service fee 100%! NO RISK GUARANTEE